Wanna know my Klout score?

When I started my journey of researching this new website, I had the same facial expression as the cat above. Despite my doubt of the site, I went ahead and registered to see what all the ‘hype’ was about. After processing my information, I nearly fell out of my chair from the results. It reported that I had the social influence of 10 out of 100. This could not be life. Afterall, I have over 1,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, and nearly the same on Instagram. I said to myself,”Self, this can not be right!” Myself agreed.

   Following the news of my depressingly low influence, I decided to continue searching the website. I even went as far as updating my profile with interesting facts about myself. I included my influences which were  Television Personality Shaun Robinson, Hair stylist Ming Lee, Party Promoter Thraxx, and club owner Smurff. As well as my influential topics which were money, music, and ofcourse social media. Some of my specials or perks that I noticed  on the site were lots of adds; coupons; and even exclusive deals solely for members.

  An interesting thought that I conjured up while investigating this website is how could they possibly come up with an estimate of how influential we are on society based solely on our number followers when, in fact, some or most of the followers we obtain are following to be nosey for one strange purpose or another? Can a stalker truly be influenced by the perso nthey are stalking? Take a moment to think about that.

My reliable resource that I used to view other’s opinions about this new website was WWW.SocialMediaExaminer.Com. They basically stated that, ” In order to understand LKlout, you have to understand influence itself and the difficulty in measuring social media.” They also made a statement that caused me to, in turn, question people’s validity when it comes to their Klout score. The statement was,” with companies joining social media sites by the tens of thousands, everyone got followed and eventually tricks, software and spam accounts ran wild. Newcomers were able to create large ‘followings’ and social media service clients couldn’t tell who was legitimate, and who had purchased a great ‘friend adder’ software program.” If people are able to create followers, then how is this measurement and rate legitimate. This statement had me to further think about how major of a role social networks play in our every day lives.


My cited site: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/is-klout-a-good-judge-of-your-social-media-influence/


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